Super-Resolution Microscopy TIRF L3

Inverted Microscope in TIRF mode for super-resolution PALM-nSTORM and live cell imaging

Our Nikon Ti-Eclipse microscope is equipped with 3 different objectives (20x long WD (1.2 mm), oil immersions 40x and 100x corrected for super resolution imaging) and 5 different filter cubes, 3 classical for blue (Dapi), green (FITC) and red (mCherry) imaging, 2 optimized for super resolution (STORM or PALM w/mEos2). The EM-CCD detector allows fast acquisition in low fluorescence levels. 3 different lasers, namely 405, 488 and 561 nm are fiber coupled to a TIRF module allowing either TIRF excitation or wide-field excitation. A perfect focus system is also available to avoid any z-drift during long time image acquisition.

  • Inverted microscope NIKON Ti-E for live-cell data acquisition
  • Epi-FI LED illuminator
  • Diodes Laser: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 641nm / High N.A. objectives for live cell imaging : 20x, 40x, 100x
  • Detector: EMCCD Camera IXON 897 (512×512 chip, pixel 16µm)
  • Multi-channel (multi-color) image acquisition
  • TIRF arm
  • Motorized stage XYZ with autofocus system PFS for multi-dimensional time-lapse imaging
  • Z-series image acquisition
  • Software: NIS

The microscope is inserted into an incubation room to maintain biological viability as long as needed. Acquisition and interfacing software are provided by Nikon.