BSL-3 Core Facilities

The CEMIPAI platform houses a 232 m2 enclosed laboratory facility of biosafety level 3 (BSL-3). All procedures involving infectious material are done within dedicated biological safety cabinets installed in a total of 8 individual boxes  


Biosafety Cabinets

6 boxes of the BSL3 facilities are dedicated to either viruses or bacterias and contain state-of-the-art equipment, including: 

Flow Cytometry

A box equipped with a NovoCyte Flow Cytometer 2100Y installed in a Biological Safety Cabinet. 


  • 2 lasers (blue 488nm and yellow 561nm), which can be upgraded with a red or violet laser.
  • 10 fluorescence parameters
  • Absolute counting, without addition of counting beads
  • Sample tube/plate holder (24 tube rack or 24-48-96 well plates)
  • NovoExpress Software is enable to analyze cell cycle with Watson’s method (Cytometry 2001 ;43:55-68)



Automated Screening Platform

Our BSL3 is equipped with a workstation specifically designed for automated drug screening on cell-based assays

  • A Zephyr multichannel liquid handler with 96-and 384-well capabilities for performing accurately and efficiently plate preparation, replication or reformatting, serial dilutions and cell based assays.
  • A Biotek plate washer.
  • An Envision Multilabel reader (Perkin Elmer). This fast and effective reader can accommodate a wide range of mirror modules and filters for a variety of detection approaches based on fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance.
  • A Twister II Microplate Handler with multiple instrument capability, integral plate and tip storage capacity.
  • A microplate incubator LiCONiC STX44 (2 racks for a capacity of 44 microplates)

The workstation is supported by iLinkPro, a robust and easy to use control software that connects all the instruments to set up a fully automated assay system.

Screening BSL3 Robot CEMIPAI