The CEMIPAI is a CNRS-Montpellier University platform providing services for in vitro researches on class 3 pathogens: viruses and bacterias

Our Mission

Our mission

Our expertise and our facilities support both basic and translational biomedical research by helping academics and pharmaceutical companies in their research projects on pathogens.

Our offer that extends all over the entire pre-clinical research and development process, represents a unique opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to work with several human and animal pathogens in the best conditions. The platform aims to facilitate performing all steps of drug, antibody and vaccine development against pathogens till entrance in clinical phases.

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Supervisory authorities
Public funders

The Cemipai BSL3 platform pertains to UMS 3725 laboratory which operates under the dual authority of the CNRS and Montpellier University.

Our partners:

European Community
French government
National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)
Occitanie Region
Montpellier University
Montpellier Metropole

Supervisory authorities
Public funders



Composition: 7 members

  1. Etienne DECROLY (AFMB, Marseille) – expert in respiratory virus, Coronavirus
  2. Catherine PICART (CEA, Grenoble) – expert in drug screening, AFM and biomaterials
  3. Jean-Baptiste SIBARITA (IICN, Bordeaux) – expert in super-resolution microscopy and big data analyses
  4. Bénédicte FAUVEL (AxLR SATT/Biotech) – expert technology transfer
  5. Bruno LUCAS (Institut Cochin, Paris) – expert immunology, laboratory animal
  6. To provide – expert Zebrafish imaging
  7. To provide – expert viral Zoonosis

The CAB meets twice a year for R&D monitoring and scientific guidance

Composition: 9 members.

  1. The director of the INSB of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) or a representative
  2. The vice-president for Research of the Montpellier University (UM) or a representative
  3. The representative for industry and research of the OCCITANIE Region
  4. The director of the UMR 5535 IGMM CNRS / UM or a representative
  5. The director of the UMR 5235 DIMNP CNRS / UM or a representative
  6. The director of the UMR 9004 IRIM CNRS / UM or a representative
  7. The director of the Balard Chemistry Center UM / CNRS / CEA or a representative
  8. The representative of the associations of biotechs “Biomeridies-BioMedical Alliance”
  9. The director of the UMS 3725 CEMIPAI CNRS / UM or a representative

Scientific Advisory Board

Comité scientifique