Automated microscope for live cell imaging L3

Automated plate microscope for live cell, Zebrafish and Organoid imaging

The latest addition to the high-throughput automated microscope line, the CellDiscoverer 7 LSM900 Airyscan2 is installed in L3 confined space for imaging infected live cells by full field fluorescence microscopy or confocal imaging.

The Celldiscoverer 7 is a fully integrated, high-end automated live cell imaging system. Tailor the system to your applications with various incubation and detection options. A hardware focuser automatically detects and maintains focus after detecting the thickness and optical properties of the sample holder for demanding long-term imaging. Autocorr objectives correct for spherical aberrations to provide sharp contrast and high resolution. The automated microscope offers a range of built-in incubation options to create the right environment for your live cells.

A multimodal approach:

– Acquisition automation

– High sensitivity confocal imaging with GaAsP detectors and Airyscan 2

– Fast imaging thanks to the multiplex mode

– Increased resolution thanks to the AiryScan 2

– Combined mode for full-field and confocal acquisitions

Equipment :

Objectives (adaptive optics) :

    Zeiss Plan Apochromat 2,5x/0,12 5x/0,25 10x/0,35 (compatible with plastics and glass from 0.13 to 1.2 mm)
    Zeiss Plan Apochromat 10x/0,35 20x/0,7 40x/0,7 (fits plastics and lenses from 0.13 to 1.2 mm)
    Zeiss Plan Apochromat water immersion 25xx /1,.2 50x/1,2 100x/1,2 (fits plastics and glass from 0.13 to 0.21 mm)

BF illumination: brightfield contrast, oblique contrast, adaptive phase contrast (PGC)

Fluorescence: Fluorescence illumination unit composed of 4 LEDs divided into 2 Colibri units

Confocal Imaging LSM900 with 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm diode laser bench

Imaging modes:

1- WF mode acquisition. It uses the camera mode and allows a fast scan. It can be used as final imaging or as a fast prescan.

2- WF acquisition + GPU deconvolution (24GB): used for fast optical sectioning type acquisitions on very large fields.

3- Confocal LSM 900 acquisition. It has all the characteristics of a traditional confocal (including FRAP etc). It is mainly used for punctual applications on areas of interest determined after a camera prescan (Mode 1).

4 – Airyscan Confocal Multiplex 2 acquisition: This allows to have not only a scan speed multiplied by 2 but also a gain in sensitivity. This modality is applied either on large fields, or on regions of interest

5- Airyscan Super Resolution Multiplex 2 acquisition: this allows an increase in resolution by a factor of 1.5x and a scanning speed in SR mode multiplied by a factor of 2. This modality focuses on regions of interest

The confocal modalities can be combined with a WF acquisition to target only the color of interest in confocal or SR mode.

Control with ZEN Blue software

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