The CEMIPAI has a new director

We are happy to announce that Dr. Delphine Muriaux was appointed as the new director of the CEMIPAI. She took her office on September 1st, succeeding to Dr Robert Mamoun.

Delphine Muriaux is a CNRS research director at IRIM and has been working with enveloped RNA viruses for 25 years. Head of the MDVA (membrane domain and virus assembly) team in Montpellier since 2012, Dr Muriaux is an expert in molecular and cellular biology with a taste for microscopy technologies applied to decipher virus replication. She got interested first in characterizing retrovirus assembly processes by electron microscopy, and other human enveloped viruses (Influenza) by laser confocal microscopy and atomic force microscopy, and recently by super-resolution microscopy (SRM) in living cells. Her researches showed advances in the field of protein-RNA and virus-membrane interactions. Delphine Muriaux authors 47 publications with an average citation of 34/year, h-index 23. She is also involved in several scientific board or councils such as CCE IRIM, Club Exo-Endo, CSA Inserm and the international IRNCAS.