Collaboration and partnering

Collaboration & partnering

The CEMIPAI provides comprehensive solutions to feed ambitious partnerships from innovative customized in vitro models of pathogens to preclinical animal models generation in collaboration with the A3 facilities of the CNRS campus of Montpellier. 

  • The Biosafety Level 3 Containment Facility (BSL3) has confinement features that allow investigators to work safely with pathogens classified class II/III (bacteria and virus). BSL3 consists of 16 biosafety suites dedicated to in vitro experiments, automated drug screening and bio-imaging. Consisting in several smaller self-contained units/isolators BSL3 can process multiple pathogens at the same time and offers a unique setting for in vitro large scale host-pathogen analysis in infectious conditions.
  • Our combined expertise in microbiology allows us to offer services in virus study, drug discovery and design and vaccine development. 
  • Integrated expertise gathering high safety level and imaging facilities (super-resolution microscopy and soon atomic force microscopy) supported by state-of-the-art R&D research programs is essential for the development of improved  infection models and understanding of infection process.

We welcome researchers looking for a BSL3 environnement fully equipped with cutting edge technology.  The 360m2 BSL3 facilities can be rented from a week to years. In addition, either only one of the 16 Biological Safety Cabinets can be rented, or a full box containing 3 Biological Safety Cabinets and the required equipment. 

Our team is open to collaboration with academics and pharmaceutical industries on specific projects for which its high level equipment and expertise will help. In particular, partnering in European (H2020) or French (ANR) grant consortiums are welcomes.

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Currently the CEMIPAI hosts the biotech company